Background RAMACO

RAMACO  BENA Sdn.Bhd was founded and led by A.Rahman Bin Ismail, a graduate of MALAYA UNIVERSITY In Analytical Economics in 1974. Before leading his own company, he worked with FELMA (Felda Marketing Corporation) and KLLT Sdn.Bhd (Kumpulan Ladang-ladang Terengganu Sdn.Bhd) as a marketing executive (cocoa, rubber and palm oil) for 8 years.

The company started as RAMACO BENA on 10th of September 1984, later on 11th of July 1989 it was registered as RAMACO BENA Sdn.Bhd. Right now RAMACO BENA Sdn.Bhd has a paid up capital of RM1,070,002.00, with approved capital of RM5,000,000,00, working capital stands at RM1.2 million.

The company mainly involved in manufacturing and marketing furniture especially:-

  1. School furniture contracted by Malaysian Education Ministry.
  2. Government office furniture (contracted by the Finance Ministry)
  3. Home furniture
  4. Export furniture


RAMACO  BENA Sdn.Bhd have been actively joining intergrated marketing concept (konsep pemasaran bersepadu) Guthrie Furniture Sdn.Bhd from 1987 till 2003. From 2004 until now, the company has been supllying school furniture under contract from the Malaysian Education Ministry. The company once exported bed frame for Japanese market in 1988.

Yearly total sales for the past 5 years has been around RM2.5 million to RM3 millon per annum. Right now the company is operating from a 3 hectre industrial plot bought from the Terengganu government for RM500,499.00. The current address is :-


RAMACO Bena Sdn.Bhd,

No Lot 27927,

Kawasan Perindustrian Gong Badak,

21300 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu.


With this new acquired plot, the company will keep on going to improve on the capacity of production and sales from time to time.